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Elia beach restaurant

The scents of Mykonos, the boundless blue of the Aegean, and the taste of the Mediterranean all create explosions of flavour on the palate. Here you’ll find a restaurant at the water’s edge with dishes that encapsulate the aromas of holidays.

Enjoy fresh, local ingredients, delicacies from the land and sea, a wine list full of surprises, unique breakfasts, tasty snacks and delicious meals before and after your swims.

Discover magical pairings of traditional flavours with Greek wines, and experience incredible gastronomic delights.



Choose from cool salads, airy seafood, traditional Cycladic dishes, juicy meats, cosmopolitan pasta dishes, sophisticated mezes, select wine labels, beers from microbreweries and scintillating cocktails.

At Elia discover Mykonos, the Cyclades and the Mediterranean on a plate and in a glass courtesy of a team of people who strive to create intense moments of pleasure.

Discover the taste of summer vacations and carefree days with the Aegean at your feet.



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Elia beach,

Mykonos Greece

Tel.: +30 22890 71204