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Elia Beach Restaurant

Elia beach restaurant The scents of Mykonos, the boundless blue of the Aegean, and the taste of the Mediterranean all create explosions of flavour on the palate. Here you’ll find a restaurant at the water’s edge with dishes that encapsulate the aromas of…

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ALEMAGOU | Beach bar & Restaurant at Ftelia

Our restaurant’s culinary philosophy embraces refined simplicity, introducing a stunning Aegean-fusion cuisine, curated with the freshest produce and raw materials daily available from the local markets. Contemporary, decadent, authentic dishes with character, where the archipelago meets the mediterranean, celebrating a…

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Pasaji Mykonos

Pasaji Mykonos An unparalleled gastronomic experience. Pasaji means passage through countries, kitchens & aromas! Following the concept of its sister restaurant in the center of Athens, awaits for you from morning till dawn in an idyllic location on the beach…

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