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In lavishly green surroundings lies a private villa where holidays in Rhodes Island become a tailor-made experience for visitors looking for privacy, luxury and upgraded living. Just a few kilometres from the vibrant modern city of Rhodes and its impressive medieval city you will find yourself in a private sun-kissed villa with a swimming pool (heated on request), amazing sunrise views, spacious indoor and outdoor premises, stylish common areas, plenty of choices for activities and 7 bedrooms to enjoy as a part of the exclusive Bello Blu Luxury Villa experience. The villa is ideal for VIP events accommodation or just for families and large groups who seek a private stay on the island of Rhodes.



To complete the Bello Blu Luxury Villa experience, our special services aim to offer our guests the best experience that you can have in Rhodes while you are staying with us. Besides the basic services, in Bello Blu Villa you will enjoy a range of bespoke services that make your stay even more carefree. A holiday in Bello Blu Luxury Villa is a totally enjoyable experience as here you can have a 5 star range of services at your door step.

Tip: Bello Blu swimming pool is heated form the 1st of October to 10th of May



The exquisite Bello Blu Luxury Villa, seemingly tucked away from the world in a lavish grove of olive-trees and cypresses, can become the dreamy venue for an unforgettable wedding ceremony or any other celebration you wish to share with your loved ones. The Bello Blu Luxury Villa is a superb choice for a wedding, a christening or any other event, with additional services that can facilitate the planning of your special day such as catering services and more, where a church is located 700 m. away. Furthermore, the Villa is the perfect accommodation choice for the newlyweds, the couples’ families or their closest friends, adding to the charm as well as the convenience of your special day. Host the event or ceremony of your dreams in the illusive scenery of the Bello Blu Luxury Villa and enjoy the most enchanting day of your lives!

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